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Hi, I'm Charles.

I have been working with GNU/Linux and other UNIX platforms for more than 13 years. I have a background in security systems and network infrastructure (data and telephony). I've taught courses at local community colleges on Hacking, Computer Security, Computer Forensics, Establishing VPN's, and in combating fraud. I tend to work for School Districts, Hospitals, and for other businesses with a humanitarian focus. I'm currently self-employed, and spend quite of bit of my time consulting; much of it spent working with GNU/Linux systems.

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Hot Button Issues

I ocassionally get drawn into flamewars on mailing lists or web forums for a variety of reasons. These topics have been known to get me riled up and on the warpath.

  • GNU and Free Software (I am a huge advocate).
  • Binary Blobs in the Linux Kernel are a bad thing, as are proprietary drivers.
  • MediaWiki is the answer to all Wiki needs. (It's overkill for 99% of wiki's)
  • Celebrity Worship (Linus, Stallman, blogger-of-the-month) - make up your own mind!
  • Newbies should never see a terminal. (it's a culture thing)

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