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Updated or expanded Btrfs optimizations?

Flashcache, Bcache, or other write-through solution?



  • RAM to SSD to HDD solution feasible? Warranted?
  • Bench marking?
    • Worst of all worlds or best?
Following some initial research, SSD caching by way of bcache, flashcache, dm-cache or the like, does seem to be a decent solution in terms of performance. However, the current solutions would add additional complexities to the storage layers and Btrfs may eventually add similar features. See here.
From this understanding, I am continuing to focus my efforts into learning Btrfs as fully as feasible, and not worrying about these other options for now. -- AdamT (Talk) 23:43, 21 November 2013 (UTC)

New Install Goals

Better follow The Arch Way throughout.

  • Simplicity
    • Kernel:
      • Mainstream?
      • Linux-ck?
    • DE: Xfce
    • Browser:
      • NetSurf
      • Midori
    • Shell