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Latest comment: 25 June 2023 by Xijang

Hello, sorry if here is the wrong place to ask.

I was wondering why you reverted the change I made to the Anaconda entry in the Python page since you did not include a reason.

I do consider that phrasing to be very important for any reader unfamiliar with what exactly Anaconda provides, so they can be more informed and decide for themselves if they want to install it, as the AUR package description just says 'Simplifies package management and deployment of Anaconda', and there is no information that it includes other packages that could be installed separately with pacman, ~7GB uncompressed last time I checked.

I believe not including this clarification in that specific entry (not after or expecting readers to read anaconda's docs) can actually be misleading, and in fact I have talked with people that believed it would be a smaller, not bundled package and I had to informed them about Miniconda instead. That paragraph would make it easier for others to redirect to.

Xijang (talk) 09:40, 25 June 2023 (UTC)Reply


Sorry, that was an unintended revert on my part. I followed a link in my email and I think I used the wrong revision of the page as a base. My intent was to add the note added in my revision without removing the other content. In the future I will oay more attention to the diff.