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Hi Lone_Wolf!

Personally, I see the distribution of service packages like this:

[openrc-base-services] hardware services without which the system will not be able to work correctly. These include udev, dbus, acpi, alsa, etc.

  • Make the service a separate package if you need, because the built-in support for systemd almost certainly indicates incompatibility with everything else.

[openrc-system-services] system services that provide the basic work with base-services and a logging system. These include dhcpd, syslog, console, agetty, sysctl, sysfs, etc.

[openrc-extended-services] services providing functionality for third-party programs.

The most important thing is that you do not need to do more than 1 service providing certain functionality dhcpcd / dhclient, cronie / fcron ... 1 working sequence is enough, and the rest materializes in AUR itself :)

Complaints, questions, suggestions?