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do NOT move articles across languages!

hi primusov,

i just found that you moved ArchLinux to Что такое Arch Linux?. this is a very bad idea, because it will remove the original page. please, do not move pages, if you are translating them. instead, copy the text in edit mode, open a new browser window, create a new page with the title in second language and then paste the text to it. then the original will stay and you will work on a copy.

another thing: the page you created Что такое Arch Linux? ... isn't it the same as this one: ArchLinux_(Русский)? (i don't understand Русский)

thank you + greetings, --Dp 08:34, 20 November 2005 (EST) // please answer to email:

I'm sorry. I created the page "Arch Linux" (it was vacant). This page is translated url: "". Then I renamed it, because just russians understand Русский and this article isn't original english page. Correctly it's being named "Что такое Arch Linux?".