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disbale touchpad on x230

install libinput

pacman -S libinput

find touchpad device id

xinput list

disable touchpad

xinput disable 11

AUR and you

more on AUR

how to take over a package

so your fav packge is no longer maintained.
like ezstream, that hasn't been ported to AUR4.

0. first i searched for ezstreamAUR in the AUR portal, but found nothing. i knew there is a PKGBUILD because i had it from before aur>aur4.

1. open an account on the AUR

2. read about Sharing_and_maintaining_packages, this has a lot of information. make sure you read it, you are taking a responsibility.

3. init a git from the AUR with the name of package

cd ~/dev
git clone ssh://

if all is well you will get a message you have just cloned an empty git.

 warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.

4. its time to write a PKGBUILD. but before that i did a quick search for an orphaned AUR, i searched "PKGBUILD ezstream" and found a 2yr old github source, this will be our start.

# following will build without install, for checkup
makepkg -o 
# f to force rebuild
# s to build dependencies
# i to install
makepkg -fsi

if all is well, you have a working, tested package. lets commit


#we dont want to add all files in that folder, just this two (if you don't have patches etc. )
git commit -am "commit of ezstream, taking over from"
git push

6. profit

note- how to autoupdate pkgver?
following doesnt work for the ezstream release tar VCS_package_guidelines#The_pkgver.28.29_function

i just manually updated the pkgver and sha2 variables in PKGBUILD from the official release page, for now.

thanks yuvadm for the help