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Xlivebg is a live wallpaper framework, and collection of live wallpapers, for the X window system. It provides all the groundwork necessary for displaying animated graphics with OpenGL on the root window, so that a variety of live wallpapers can be written without having to deal with how to tie everything to the X window system, how to create the OpenGL context itself, or how to present any configurable parameters of the live wallpaper to the user.


Install the xlivebgAUR package.


The preferred user configuration is at ~/.config/xlivebg.conf, while a system configuration lives at /etc/xlivebg.conf.

A graphical configuration tool is provided as xlivebg-gui.


See Execute commands after X start for the details on starting a xlivebg instance automatically.

Known issues

Output corrupted or absent when using a compositor

When using a compositor such as xcompmgr, use the -n flag to instruct xlivebg to draw to its own desktop window and not the root window.