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Xsettingsd is a lightweight xsettings daemon which provides settings to Xorg applications via the XSETTINGS specification. Some desktop environments (such as KDE or a custom desktop environment) do not include this by default. Running an XSETTINGS daemon is necessary for some applications to use the selected GTK theme, cursor, font, and other settings.


Install xsettingsd or xsettingsd-gitAUR.


See https://codeberg.org/derat/xsettingsd for detailed syntax.

An example configuration to provide better font rendering:

Xft/Hinting 1
Xft/HintStyle "hintslight"
Xft/Antialias 1
Xft/RGBA "rgb"


Start the user unit xsettingsd.service. This unit cannot be enabled directly.

Note: KDE with kde-gtk-config installed will start it automatically.

Alternatively, it can also be autostarted.

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