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Note: Do not edit this page unless you are a channel op in #archlinux. You are welcome to use the discussion page.

To use Internet Relay Chat (IRC), you need an IRC client. The installation live environment includes the Irssi client.

You are expected to familiarize yourself with our Code of conduct and Code of conduct#irc before joining any of the official channels. For a list of commonly used abbreviations, see Arch terminology and IRC Jargon.

Main channels

Note: Due to abuse various gateways and web clients may be banned at times. If you experience trouble use a "proper" IRC client or ask one of the operators for a ban exemption (+e).

This section is about #archlinux, the main Arch Linux support IRC channel, and #archlinux-offtopic, the main Arch Linux social channel, both available on the Freenode network.

The central topic for #archlinux is support and general discussion about Arch Linux.


In order to reduce spam #archlinux and #archlinux-offtopic have the channel mode set to +r and +q $~a. This means you have to be identified via NickServ to be able to join these channels and send messages, respectively. If you are not registered and identified, you will be forwarded to #archlinux-unregistered.

To register with NickServ, follow the freenode FAQ, as well as NickServ help when connected to

/query NickServ HELP REGISTER
/query NickServ HELP IDENTIFY
  • If /query happens to not work in your client you can try using either /quote NickServ <command> or /msg NickServ <command>.
  • Some IRC clients have a race-condition where they try to autojoin channels before you have been identified with NickServ, and to solve it you need to enable SASL. Either look up your IRC client's documentation or look at the freenode SASL page to find instructions for how to enable it.
  • You can get a list of people who can help you by typing /msg ChanServ ACCESS #archlinux LIST, or join #freenode and ask there.

Channel operators

Arch operators are ops in both #archlinux and #archlinux-offtopic. See the list below, or run /msg phrik listops on freenode.

If you for some reason need the help of an op, do not be shy to /query or /msg us. Here is the list of ops as of 18 Dec 2019:

  • alad
  • amcrae
  • falconindy
  • gehidore / man
  • grawity
  • heftig
  • jelle
  • MrElendig / Mion
  • Namarrgon
  • tigrmesh / tigr
  • wonder / ioni

Freenode group contacts

Group contacts administer who gets archlinux/* hostmasks on the network, along with administer the #archlinux-* namespace on the Freenode network. Please note only official member of the team gets these hostmasks.

  • wonder / ioni
  • fukawi2
  • anthraxx

Other channels

The size of our community led to the creation of multiple IRC channels. To get a list of all channels on that contain archlinux in their name, use the command /query alis list *archlinux*.

International IRC channels

International discussions are available at the following channels, also located at the IRC network, unless stated otherwise.