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Rofi is a window switcher, run dialog, ssh-launcher and dmenu replacement that started as a clone of simpleswitcher, written by Sean Pringle and later expanded by Dave Davenport.


Install the rofi package.


There are currently three methods of setting configuration options:

  • Local configuration. Normally, depending on XDG, in ~/.config/rofi/config. This uses the Xresources format.
  • Xresources: A method of storing key values in the Xserver.
  • Command line options


rofi -combi-modi window,drun,ssh -theme solarized -font "hack 10" -show combi

can be expressed in a config file like this:

rofi.combi-modi:    window,drun,ssh
rofi.theme:         solarized
rofi.font:          hack 10
rofi.modi:          combi

To get a full list of options you can put in Xresources or in your config file run rofi -dump-Xresources

Note: i3 users be aware that putting commas in i3 config can cause issues. To bind a key to launch rofi, either use a config file or replace the commas with # eg rofi -combi-modi window#drun#ssh

Rofi as dmenu replacement

If called as dmenu (via a symlink), rofi acts like dmenu. You may want to install rofi-dmenuAUR, which symlinks dmenu to rofi. Then programs that call dmenu from a script (like passmenu from pass) will use rofi instead of dmenu.

If you prefer the look of dmenu, this approximates it:

rofi -show run -modi run -location 1 -width 100 \
		 -lines 2 -line-margin 0 -line-padding 1 \
		 -separator-style none -font "mono 10" -columns 9 -bw 0 \
		 -disable-history \
		 -hide-scrollbar \
		 -color-window "#222222, #222222, #b1b4b3" \
		 -color-normal "#222222, #b1b4b3, #222222, #005577, #b1b4b3" \
		 -color-active "#222222, #b1b4b3, #222222, #007763, #b1b4b3" \
		 -color-urgent "#222222, #b1b4b3, #222222, #77003d, #b1b4b3" \
		 -kb-row-select "Tab" -kb-row-tab ""

Custom Themes

You can preview and apply themes for rofi with


Customizations may be saved to your .Xresources file (requires the xorg-xrdb package). To apply changes reload .Xresources with xrdb -load ~/.Xresources.

Contributed Themes

See the official rofi-themes repository for a list of custom themes.

Download one of the .rasi themes and place it in ~/.config/rofi/example.rasi. Then load up the theme on the command line or in a config file:

 rofi <options> -theme example

or in your configuration file

 rofi.theme:    example