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Rofi is a window switcher, run dialog, ssh-launcher and dmenu replacement that started as a clone of simpleswitcher, written by Sean Pringle and later expanded by Dave Davenport.


Install rofi from the official repositories.

Custom Themes

Official Theme Generator

See the official theme generator.

Contributed Themes

See the official rofi-themes repository for a list of custom themes.

Rofi as a drop-in replacement for dmenu

For those users wanting to use Rofi as a drop-in replacement for dmenu, you can use the following command:

rofi -show run -modi run -location 1 -width 100 \
		 -lines 2 -line-margin 0 -line-padding 1 \
		 -separator-style none -font "mono 10" -columns 9 -bw 0 \
		 -disable-history \
		 -hide-scrollbar \
		 -color-window "#222222, #222222, #b1b4b3" \
		 -color-normal "#222222, #b1b4b3, #222222, #005577, #b1b4b3" \
		 -color-active "#222222, #b1b4b3, #222222, #007763, #b1b4b3" \
		 -color-urgent "#222222, #b1b4b3, #222222, #77003d, #b1b4b3" \
		 -kb-row-select "Tab" -kb-row-tab ""
Tip: You can add the -dump-xresources flag above, save the text output to a file and upload it to the official theme generator to further customize the above theme.
Note: The command line options -show run and -modi run above will make Rofi act similar to dmenu_run which is provided by dmenu, limiting the capabilities of Rofi. See man rofi and the official project description for more information on the additional modes available.

Rofi Theme

Require xorg-xrdb installed. Choose one theme you like Rofi Theme Copy code to ~/.Xresources Reload .Xresources file by xrdb -load ~/.Xresources or restart your computer it will works. If you don't understand, you can watch this video Youtube