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Deepin-wine is a compatible layer based on Wine developed by Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.,Ltd, which is attached to deepin Linux.

Deepin-wine applications are almost out of the box, with fewer bugs.

List of Deepin-wine applications

  • Deepin-wine — Deepin-wine itself. || deepin-wineAUR[broken link: package not found]
  • Deepin-wine5 — New Deepin-wine version. || deepin-wine5AUR
  • Deepin-wine BaidupanBaidupan on Deepin-wine. || deepin-wine-baidupanAUR[broken link: package not found]
  • Deepin-wine DingTalk — DingTalk Client on Deepin-wine. ||
  • Deepin-wine Foxmail — Foxmail on Deepin-wine. || deepin-wine-foxmailAUR[broken link: package not found] ||[broken link: package not found]
  • Deepin-wine QQEIM — QQEIM on Deepin-wine. || deepin-qq-eimAUR ||
  • Deepin-wine QQMusic — QQMusic Client on Deepin-wine. ||
  • Deepin-wine Thunderspeed — Thunderspeed on Deepin-wine. ||[broken link: package not found] || ||[broken link: package not found] ||[broken link: package not found]


Deepin-wine applications fails to start

In desktop environments that are not based on GNOME, such as KDE, Deepin-wine applications will not start.

To solve this problem, you need to install xsettingsd, and then set /usr/bin/xsettingsd to autostart, see Autostarting#On desktop environment startup.

This problem will be solved after re-login or reboot.

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