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WeChat is a free application that Tencent launched on January 21, 2011 to provide instant messaging services for intelligent terminals.

Currently there is no official Linux version of WeChat. This article will introduce how to install WeChat.

Note: At present, all the Mini Program function of Wine-based WeChat are not available, and pictures larger than a certain size cannot be sent. For details, please refer to here.

Virtual machine

You can install Windows system in virtual machines such as VMware or VirtualBox to use WeChat.


The compatibility layer Wine can be used to run WeChat within Linux.

If the WeChat shadow window is displayed on top of other windows during use, you can try to use wine-for-wechat in the Arch Linux CN repository. This version of Wine uses a patch for WeChat shadow windows.

In addition, it is also provided by deepin-wine-wechatAUR (without patch), which is a Wine container configured for Arch. The WeChat version is the latest official version. You can also install wine-wechat from the Arch Linux CN repository.

Deepin-wine WeChat

Install the com.qq.weixin.deepinAUR package, or com.qq.weixin.sparkAUR from Spark Store.

Use containerized applications

For example, Docker, you can refer to this GitHub project, but its essence is a Wine application put in a container.

Weixin Work

You can install the Deepin-wine version: com.qq.weixin.work.deepinAUR.