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Connecting over a billion people around the world, WeChat is a free messaging and calling app available on iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.

Currently there is no official Linux version. This article introduces methods of installing WeChat on Arch Linux.

Virtual machine

You can install Windows system in virtual machines such as VMware or VirtualBox to use WeChat.


Note: At present, all the Mini Program function of Wine-based WeChat are not available, and pictures larger than a certain size cannot be sent. For details, please refer to here.


The compatibility layer Wine can be used to run WeChat within Linux.

In addition, it is also provided by deepin-wine-wechatAUR (without patch), which is a Wine container configured for Arch. The WeChat version is the latest official version.

From archlinuxcn repository

If the WeChat shadow window is displayed on top of other windows during use, you can try to use wine-for-wechat in the archlinuxcn repository. This version of Wine uses a patch for WeChat shadow windows.

Besides, it is recommended to install, run, and configure WeChat using wine-wechat-setup. Note that WeChat installer needs to be downloaded manually.

Deepin-wine WeChat

Install the com.qq.weixin.deepinAUR package, or com.qq.weixin.sparkAUR from Spark Store. There are other deepin wine related packages such as com.qq.weixin.work.deepin-x11AUR for Weixin Work. See Deepin-wine for detail.

Run in a container

docker-wechat run WeChat wine application in a Docker container.


HiDpi configuration

The font is very small on high dpi screen. To set wine dpi configuration:

  1. Open winecfg. Take deepin-wine-wechatAUR as an example, change WINEPREFIX and deepin-wine6-stable accordingly:
    $ WINEPREFIX=~/.deepinwine/Deepin-WeChat/ deepin-wine6-stable winecfg
  2. Click on the Graphics tab, change Screen resolution to your actual dpi.
  3. Start Wechat, enable Adapt to system scale (设置-->通用设置-->适配系统缩放比例).

Electron version for UOS

wechat-uosAUR provide official electron for UOS.

Note: The original UOS package will only run in UOS professional. To mimic this environment, this package changes os-release and lsb-release through bubblewrap.

Native Linux version

Wechat Universal is a native Linux version for UOS, which supports Mini Program. It is provided by wechat-universal-bwrapAUR. XIM is required for this package. If you have noticed that you can't use your IMEs inside wechat, enable Fcitx5#XIM or check IBus#Integration.

There are unofficial Flatpak packages for Wechat Universal, [1] and [2].