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Gnumeric is a powerful spreadsheet application which can import and export in various formats including .csv, HTML, LaTeX, Lotus 1-2-3, OpenDocument Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel.


Install gnumeric.

Optional dependencies are psiconv (for Psion 5 file support), python2-gobject2AUR (for python plugin support) and yelp (for viewing the help manual).

Tips and tricks

Gnumeric respects your locale for the numeric decimal separator and uses it for exporting, e.g. to .csv files, as well. For example

  • with a german locale de, a number shows as 0,5 (comma),
  • with an english locale en, a number shows as 0.5 (dot).

To start Gnumeric with a different locale, run

 LC_NUMERIC="en" gnumeric

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