Lenovo ThinkPad X201

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The Lenovo X201 is a dual-core subnotebook produced by Lenovo.

Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Yes
Video Yes
Webcam Yes
Ethernet Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Card reader Yes
Audio Yes
Wireless Yes



Append the acpi_backlight=video kernel parameter.


See Power management/Suspend and hibernate#Hibernation.


See dockd.



There are some discussions concerning overheating-related shutdowns when running under full load (video encoding, etc). [1] [2]

Use the following thinkfanAUR configuration [3]:

#X201 user specific
#lvl    low     up      RPM
(0,    0,      47)     # 0
(1,    42,     57)     # 2000
(2,    44,     59)     # 3300
(3,    50,     65)     # 3500
(4,    54,     70)     # 3500
(5,    60,     73)     # 3800
(6,    62,     83)     # 3800
(7,    65,     88)     # 4300
(127,  70,     32767)  # 5300

cpupower can be used for frequency scaling; see Cpufrequtils for more information. Undervolting is not possible with the Intel core iX cpu.

No speaker output

Try pressing the mute button (next to the Escape key). See this article for details.

No ACPI events

See coreboot documentation: [4] [5]

Display issues

See Intel graphics#AccelMethod and Intel graphics#DRI3 issues.

X201s: If planning to use VT-d, it is also recommended to add


to the kernel parameters. see bug report.

Hardware virtualization

If KVM claims virtualization support is disabled in BIOS, even with VT-x enabled, disable Intel TXT. [6]

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