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This article is a general list of applications sorted by category, as a reference for those looking for packages. Many sections are split between console and graphical applications. Applications listed in "Console" sections can have graphical front-ends, official ones are currently omitted.

  • Please consider installing the pkgstats package, which provides a timer that sends a list of the packages installed on your system, along with the architecture and the mirrors you use, to the Arch Linux developers in order to help them prioritize their efforts and make the distribution even better. The information is sent anonymously and cannot be used to identify you. You can view the collected data at the Statistics page. More information is available in this forum thread.
  • Daemon packages usually include the relevant systemd unit file to start; some packages even include different ones. After installation pacman -Qql package | grep -Fe .service -e .socket can be used to check and find the relevant one.

The content is split into the following subpages for individual categories (also accessible via the navigation bar at the top of the page and each subpage):

Generic software lists

Software lists of other distributions

Software forges

From Wikipedia:

a forge is a web-based collaborative software platform for both developing and sharing computer applications.

Specialized software lists

Arch Linux forum threads