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Note: Lumina DE is primarily targeted at FreeBSD, not Linux.

The Lumina Desktop Environment (Lumina for short) is a lightweight, XDG-compliant, BSD-licensed desktop environment that focuses specifically on streamlining the ability to get work done while minimizing system overhead. It requires Qt 5, the Fluxbox window manager, and uses a small number of X utilities for various tasks, such as numlockx and xscreensaver.

Lumina's features include:

  • Very little system overhead.
  • Intelligent "favorites" system for creating quick shortcuts to applications, files, and directories.
  • ZFS file restore functionality through the "Insight" file manager.
  • Desktop system is plugin-based, which is similar to Android or other modern operating systems.
  • Simple access to operating system-specific functionality such as screen brightness, audio volume, and battery status.


Install lumina-desktopAUR or lumina-desktop-gitAUR.

Launching the Lumina Desktop Environment

Via .xinitrc

exec start-lumina-desktop

See xinitrc for more information.

Reporting bugs

Bugs should be reported to Lumina's repository on GitHub.