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Moksha is a desktop environment created in 2014. It is a fork of Enlightenment 17 and it is currently used as default desktop environment in Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux. Its chief advantage over later Enlightenment releases that are available in the extra repository is that it is more stable and has a significantly smaller memory footprint.


You can install Moksha using the package moksha-gitAUR.

Other applications

For additional functionality, one may wish to install the following:

  • moksha-module-deskshow — Deskshow Moksha module. || moksha-module-deskshow-gitAUR[broken link: package not found]
  • moksha-module-emprint — Emprint Moksha module. || moksha-module-emprint-gitAUR
  • moksha-modules-extra — Miscellaneous extra Moksha modules. || moksha-modules-extra-gitAUR
  • moksha-radiance-theme — Moksha Radiance from git sources. || moksha-radiance-theme-gitAUR[broken link: package not found]

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