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Mosh is an alternative interactive SSH terminal. It has support for roaming and local echo. It also aims to improve responsiveness on intermittent, and high latency connections.


Note: Mosh must be installed on both the server and client.

Install the mosh package, or mosh-gitAUR for the latest revision. Note that truecolor support is only available in the latter.


Note: Mosh by design does not let you access session history, consider installing a terminal multiplexer such as tmux or GNU Screen.

Mosh sessions by default use a random UDP port between 60000 to 61000, so this port range in the server should be accessible.

To connect, run:

$ mosh user@server-address

To send ssh options for connecting:

$ mosh --ssh="ssh -p 2222" user@server-address

You can make options permanent by using the usual OpenSSH Client Configuration.

Note: Mosh has an undocumented command line option --predict=experimental which produces more aggressive echoing of local keystrokes. Users interested in low-latency visual confirmation of keyboard input may prefer this prediction mode.