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Qv2ray[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ] is a cross-platform V2Ray graphical front-end written in Qt that allows easy configuration of agents in a graphical interface.


Note: Shadowsocks-NET/Qv2ray is not compatible with Qv2ray/Qv2ray's plugins, profiles [1]


Qv2ray/Qv2ray is the original version of Qv2ray.

Install qv2rayAUR. For development versions, install qv2ray-dev-gitAUR, which can also be found in the archlinuxcn repository.

Note: This version is discontinued[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ]


Shadowsocks-NET/Qv2ray is the most legitimate fork of Qv2ray project.

Install the qv2ray-v3AUR package. For development versions, install the qv2ray-gitAUR package. For the pre-build binary daily release, install the qv2ray-static-nightly-binAUR package.

Note: This version is still in development and has bugs such as no Internet access after connection and missing features such as multi-language support


See using plugins[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ].

Note: Qv2ray itself does not contain the V2Ray core. If you do not use the plug-in, you need to manually install V2Ray, otherwise Qv2ray will not work. If the plug-in is used, Qv2ray can run without relying on the V2Ray core [2][dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ].

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For Qv2ray/Qv2ray.

The above plugins can also be found in the archlinuxcn repository, and the qv2ray-plugin group can be installed to get all the above plugins.

Note: AUR does not yet have a package for plugins for Shadowsocks-NET/Qv2ray.


See Qv2ray manual[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ].

Open Preferences in Qv2ray for configuration. Qv2ray configuration files are located in the ~/.config/qv2ray/ directory.

Note: To migrate from Qv2ray/Qv2ray to Shadowsocks-NET/Qv2ray, delete the old configuration and reconfigure [3]


See Import nodes to Qv2ray[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ] and Configure browser/software to use Qv2ray[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ]. See also Shadowsocks#Usage.


See FAQ[dead link 2023-05-06 ⓘ].

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