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This article or section is out of date.

Reason: According to a comment in an issue from the Qv2ray GUI, v2ray is getting unmaintainable, and should be replaced by sing-box or shadowsocks-go. (Discuss in Talk:V2Ray)

V2Ray is the core tool of Project V, which is mainly responsible for the realization of network protocols and functions, and communicates with other Project V.


Install the v2ray package. For the development version, install the v2ray-gitAUR package. For GUI client, please see Qv2ray.


V2Ray configuration is done with a JSON formatted file. See Configuration File Format and Configuration.


From the command line

V2Ray is started with the v2ray command. See Commandline.

Daemon management

Start/enable v2ray.service.

Multiple config

To use multiple config, you can edit /etc/systemd/system/v2ray.service, add the following:

Description=V2Ray Service
After=network.target nss-lookup.target

ExecStart=/usr/bin/v2ray run -confdir /etc/v2ray/


Configuration Methods

V2Ray has several configuration methods, the more efficient one is WebSocket+TLS.

Tip: It is a more reasonable and easier way to configure TLS by Nginx.

Tips and tricks

Routing rules

See Routing and Routing of V2Ray .

The preset routing rule files are geosite.dat and geoip.dat in /usr/share/v2ray. They are provided by the v2ray-domain-list-community and v2ray-geoip packages respectively. These two packages are installed by default as dependencies of v2ray.

Replacing the preset routing rule files

There are ready-made packages for some routing rule files. For example, you can install the v2ray-rules-dat-gitAUR package for @Loyalsoldier/v2ray-rules-dat.

For routing rule files without ready-made packages, you can create packages and install or remove v2ray-domain-list-community and v2ray-geoip without removing the dependent package and put the routing rule files in the /usr/share/v2ray directory.

Warning: Replacing geosite.dat and geoip.dat directly may cause file conflicts.


Failed with result 'exit-code'

If you see this error in the log: Failed with result 'exit-code', it is because V2Ray does not have write permission to /var/log/v2ray/access.log. Use the following command to solve the problem.

chown -R nobody /var/log/v2ray

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