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TODO: New parallel gzip decompression tool: pragzip/igzip

As on 2022, pigz(1) still does not support true parallel decompression of gzip stream. A recently implemented decompression-only Python/C++ gzip library (incl. cli utility in C++ called igzip) that is capable to decompress pigz/bgzip(1)'s output parallelly.

Impl details:

The implementation is nearly stable but no distro is packaging it per repology (the repository layout is a bit confusing too, shared by both ibzip and igzip and two library.).

As a pending backend of the already pkg'd ratarmountAUR, once it get pkg'd, should it be added to the table as this increased the perfomance on decompression of large gzip file significantly.

-- Jlhs (talk) 15:12, 13 September 2022 (UTC)