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The instructions say to append rule to /etc/audit/audit.rules, but there is no such file on my system. Am I supposed to put rules into an empty file or copy a default from somewhere? Also, systemctl status auditd.service shows augenrules is looking for the directory /etc/audit/rules.d rather than the file mentioned in the instructions, so I'm not even clear whether audit.rules is correct. I don't have the directory either on my machine. --cfr (talk) 16:39, 13 December 2022 (UTC)Reply

From auditd(8), it says "During startup, the rules in /etc/audit/audit.rules are read by auditctl and loaded into the kernel. Alternately, there is also an augenrules program that reads rules located in /etc/audit/rules.d/ and compiles them into an audit.rules file."
So please help double check and update page if you have time. --Fengchao (talk) 03:46, 17 December 2022 (UTC)Reply

external documentation

I think external documentation is needed in order to novice users could understand how audit tools work. Example this article (Spanish) could provide information for Spaniard users.

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