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Shanghai, China.

Member of ArchWiki Administrator

Member of ArchWiki Simplified Chinese Translation Team


  • Chinese
  • English

Used Distributions

  • Fedora - 3 Month
  • Ubuntu - 2 Years
  • Gentoo - 1.5 Years
  • Arch - Since 2010.1


Talk track

Inter wiki

The interwiki links can be changed in

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Edit right

You don't need to ask permission. Anyone with an account can edit the wiki. If you feel it should be added then go ahead and add it. Worst case is you format it ugly and someone cleans up the formatting. It's only when you're planning a major re-write or something that anyone makes a big deal about discussing edits in advance. See ArchWiki:Contributing and the other articles under "Wiki Interaction" on the Main Page for more info.