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Article Rewrite

I would like to perform a re-write of this article, as it seems rather outdated to me. Most of the information here might also work with never models, and definitely is still valid for the Logitech G29 I own. I am using it personally for Dirt Rally, Grid Autosport, F1 2017 and Eurotruck Simulator 2 that are all available as native Linux games.

So besides validating the existing information for a G29, I would like to share my experience in setting up the wheel for the aforementioned games, and include some information about jstest and oversteer that are helpful tools when working with a Logitech wheel. I would also spend time in checking the open source racing games mentioned here:

In case there are no objections within the next weeks, I would start to gradually rewrite this in smaller steps whenever I have the time.

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