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Aliases (weechat)

For quickly contacting services:

/alias add cs /msg ChanServ
/alias add ns /msg NickServ

Ghost an owned nick:

/alias add ghost /msg nickserv ghost $*

For quick opping and deopping:

/alias add o+ /msg chanserv op $channel
/alias add o- /msg chanserv deop $channel

These are self-explanatory:

/alias add q+ /msg chanserv quiet $channel
/alias add q- /msg chanserv unquiet $channel
/alias add v+ /msg chanserv voice $channel
/alias add v- /msg chanserv devoice $channel

If I need to unban myself through chanserv:

/alias add b- /msg chanserv unban $channel

Where $channel is the name of the current channel, see /help alias.


To show all available flags:

/msg chanserv help flags

Add a new operator (+o) with additional abilities, such as self-unban (-A):

/msg chanserv flags #channel user +Aeiortv

Add a new maintainer in #archlinux-wiki (+A view access list, +V auto-voice)

/msg chanserv flags #archlinux-wiki user +AV

Channel modes

Quote /help to access help:

/quote help cmode

List channel modes:

/mode #channel

List quieted users:

/mode #channel q

Set access to registered users, disallow CTCP and colors:

/mode #channel +Ccnrt

Set channel locks (the empty argument removes all existing locks).

/msg chanserv set #channel mlock
/msg chanserv set #channel mlock +ntC


Note: See also: supybook

Set the default separator for the topic plugin (default: ||)

!topic separator #channel <+>

Return list of topic items:

!topic list #channel

Get a particular part of the topic:

!topic get #channel n

Ignore a username:

!hush nick


Note: See also: User:Tigrmesh#General_Op

Ban an account:

/mode +b $a:kermit

Ban with forwarding to another channel:

/mode +b $a:kermit$##fix_your_connection

Ban a nick with forwarding to another channel:

/mode +b elmo!*@*$##fix_your_connection

Ban a nick with wildcards:

/mode +b *bernie*!*@*

Ban a hostmask with wildcards: [1]

/mode +b $x:*mspiggy*

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