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The MacBook Pro 14,x consists of models with Retina display shipped by Apple In June 5, 2017 - 2018. 14,3 Technical Specifications

Like previous MacBook Pro models, the MacBook Pro 14,x supports UEFI. This page will cover the current status of hardware support on Arch Linux, as well as post-installation recommendations.


Specifically, the procedure for installing Arch Linux on a MacBook 14,3 is detailed in the official Mac page.

Warning: There is a real danger to installing and running any non-Mac-OS. Without the proper power control, fan control, and other proper hardware considerations, MacBooks have been reported to run quite hot or otherwise damage the non-open-source hardware
Note: You may consider purchasing a warranty plan from Apple before proceeding. Another option is to run Arch within the Mac OS through Docker, or just using your Mac to ssh to a machine running Arch Linux, thereby using your Mac just as a gateway ala Road Warriors


Fan control

Install mbpfan-gitAUR or macfanctldAUR and enable the mbpfan.service in order to prevent laptop overheating.


You will require a non-default console font, or a magnifying glass. The Terminus fonts are excellent. Once at the console with Terminus installed -

setfont ter-32n

To make that permanent:

# nano /etc/vconsole.conf


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