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Which pages use



Abbr Case Measures
stub Unfinished article. move to User namespace /
style Disregards Help:Style.
irrel Not relevant to Arch.
dead Project is dead. add Template:Note
nopkg No longer packaged for Arch. redirect / archive

Yes unfinished articles should preferably be expanded and style issues should preferably be fixed.

We maintainers however have limited resources and the mission to uphold quality.



Article Reason Added
H2status nopkg, dead (only in aur-mirror) 2017‎/08/07
Firefox/Ubiquity commands dead (lu. in 2009)[1] 2017‎/08/23
Amarok 1.4 nopkg, dead (old version, lu. 2008) 2017‎/08/24
Starcraft irrel 2017‎/08/24
Atomic Bomberman irrel 2017‎/08/24
Umap nopkg 2017‎/08/24
Archey3 stub 2017‎/08/24
Keytouch nopkg 2017‎/08/24
Foobar2000/Wine irrel 2017‎/08/24
MindTouch nopkg 2017‎/08/25
Play framework nopkg 2017‎/08/25
CoovaChilli nopkg 2017‎/08/25
TOMOYO/Adobe Reader style 2017‎/08/25
GLC nopkg, dead (lu. 2013)[2] 2017‎/08/25
Jruby stub 2017‎/08/25
Hsoconnect nopkg 2017‎/08/25
Bottle irrel 2017/08/28
9vx nopkg 2017/08/28
Ly stub 2017/08/28
Maple irrel 2017/08/28
Xvidcap stub 2017/08/28
XJDIC nopkg 2017/08/28
Dart stub 2017/08/28
Gimp stub 2017/08/28
Gqrx stub 2017/08/28

Inactive projects

Article Last
uShare release 2007
K10ctl release 2009
Fbterm release 2010
WMFS update 2011
WMFS2 update 2013


Article Reason
Android notifier nopkg, dead (lr. 2010)[3]
Bluetile nopkg, dead (lr. 2011)[4]
EAccelerator nopkg, dead (lu. 2012)[5]
FiSH dead (lu. 2006 [6], no repo)
FOSDEM unmaintained
Gift nopkg, dead (lu. 2006)[7]
Habari nopkg, dead (lr. 2014)[8]
Moonlight stub
PsyBNC nopkg, dead (lr. 2008)[9]
Pytvshows nopkg, dead (lr. 2007)[10]
RTorrent/Rtgui nopkg, dead (lr. 2011)[11]
RTorrent/WTorrent nopkg, dead (lu. 2012)[12]
Wallpapoz nopkg, dead (lr. 2012)[13]


Article Target Reason
Bankid Electronic identification stub
Cpulimit Improving performance#CPU stub
Minetest List of games#Simulation stub
Warzone 2100 List of games#Real-time stub


Article Target Reason
Bose speakers Advanced Linux Sound Architecture#Set the default sound card stub, style
Djbdns Category:Domain Name System nopkg, dead (lr. 2001)
Halevt udisks nopkg
OOoLatex LibreOffice irrel
Powernowd CPU frequency scaling nopkg, dead (lr. 2008)[14]
Sierra Wireless Wireless network configuration stub


Article Reason
ArchAudio irrel
Weewx irrel

Moved to User

Article Target Reason
0 A.D. User:Fusion809/0 A.D. stub
1C Enterprise User:User:SEr.../1C_Enterprise stub
Ampps User:Hiral/Ampps irrel
Apache Mesos User:StrayArch/Apache Mesos stub
Artigo a2000 User:Naruni/Artigo a2000 style
Bluetooth PPP User:Jeffmikels/Bluetooth PPP style
BUS1 User:NeoTheFox/BUS1 stub
Cobalt strike User:Invapid/Cobalt strike style
Dconf User:Orschiro/Dconf stub
Ejabberd User:Khvalera/Ejabberd stub
Electron User:Tensor5/Electron stub
Fsniper User:JackH79/Fsniper stub
Geogebra User:Sleeping/Geogebra stub
HandBrakeCLI User:Adamlau/HandBrakeCLI stub
Hostsblock User:Thiagowfx/Hostsblock stub
IA.BAK User:Zombielinux/IA.BAK irrel
IntelliJ IDEA User:Jumpbackupagain/IntelliJ IDEA stub
IspCP User:Techlive/IspCP nopkg, dead (lr. 2011)[15]
Joe User:Jakk/Joe stub
Kea User:Grandchild/Kea stub
Lantern User:2419/Lantern stub
Lenovo ThinkPad T560 User:Atlas/Lenovo ThinkPad T560 stub
Libreswan User:Steelbird/Libreswan stub
Micro User:Tommyshem/Micro stub
Pylons User:Enbuyukfener/Pylons stub
Sharkoon 5-Bay RAID Box User:Boscowitch/Sharkoon 5-Bay RAID Box irrel
Sybase User:Dlin/Sybase style
Sync laptop desktop User:Citral/Sync laptop desktop style
Torch User:Helshowk/Torch stub
Ttwatch User:Hseara/Ttwatch stub
Ttytter User:Cirrus/ttytter style
Unoconv User:StrayArch/Unoconv stub
UWMWiFi User:ThisMoment/UWMWiFi irrel
Webfs User:Jeff story/Webfs stub
Wmutils User:Kekler/Wmutils stub