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I am Mark Weiman from Ypsilanti Michigan in the United States. I am a software engineer at Merit Network's research department and have been using Arch Linux since 2011 after using Debian for several years before that.


Arch Linux Contributions/Projects


I maintain a small handful of PKGBUILDs on the Arch User Repository. You can see a list on the AUR website.


There are a few contributions to aurweb that I have authored. You can see a list of commits on Arch Linux's git page.


I maintain a few binary packages on They are only available for x86_64 and all the packages are signed with my GPG keys. More information on Unofficial User Repositories.

Adding my GPG key to pacman

# pacman-key --keyserver --recv-keys 0x1aef6776debb9ee4
# pacman-key --lsign-key 0x1aef6776debb9ee4

OR install the markzz-keyring package from [markzz] (you will need to temporarily disable signature checking to install it the first time).


This is a PHP extension for using Arch Linux's package manager's library (libalpm). More information available on GitHub.


This is a web interface for managing a pacman repository. Currently still in heavy development. More information available on GitHub.