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Hey! You! This page needs some love!


Languages: English, German (native), Bash, a bit of Python and Ansible
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam1
IRC: NetSysFire at hackint, libera and OFTC. Come chat with me in the wiki IRC channel!
Official titles: ArchWiki Maintainer
Unofficial titles: Patron of all laptop pages, Fixer of tables (basically a carpenter)
Things I do in the ArchWiki: Trying to maintain a streak, boring stuff
Other appearances: I hang out in some of the Arch IRC channels and did some artwork for the ArchConf in 2020
  1. Although this is the timezone I am in, I may be affected by imaginary jet lag. Do not be afraid to contact me in the middle of the night.

Pages I created

Pages I (try to) maintain

I pay special attention to the following pages:

  • Firejail, I love sandboxing things and I contributed a bit to the upstream documentation
  • All laptop vendor pages, e.g Laptop/Dell, because I hate broken tables
  • ...and countless redirects with broken section links I fixed



Since I am an official ArchWiki maintainer now I need to list some methods of contacting me.

  1. The fastest way is to go to the wiki IRC channel and mention me. You can also send me a direct message if it should not be public.
  2. There is also the talk page which might be a good idea to use if you wish to document the communication.
  3. You can also send me a mail. I support PGP. Replies may be slow.

Since I check out the wiki quite often currently and also hang out in the IRC for most of the time I highly recommend the first two methods of contacting me.