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<<<WIP WIP WIP>>> As a wise man once said:

I need an example of crappy pages and how to do it wrong. If you attempt you try and fix the style on this page, I will hunt you down and place a curse on you personally, so you will always stub your toe at the most inconvenient of moments.

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Download the Package

Warning: Do not proceed unless your firmware version is G23_1337.R1.

I had no issues with G69_420.R0, though it needed mentioning here...

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Should the installation fail, re-read this section

Run this command to install on Manjaro (works on archlinux too):

yaourt -Sy final-destination-hg

Another option is download the file with

curl http://mirror.somedomain.tld/path/download/final/updates/ | sudo bash

Note: This only needs to be done once.
Note: * to have the installation go faster with the second method , since the script is POSIX you can use wget and doas dash
  • Alternatively, you can use curl if, you don't want to install an other package. (because, it is installed by default but, wget isn't)
Note: See if the comments on the AUR ( page for final-destination-svnAUR[broken link: package not found]

Service starting

After I downloaded the package to my computer, I set the SUID bit on /usr/bin/worst.bin with # sudo chmod 4777, before doing

systemctl enable bad

since we're SystemD now.

I chose the option to write a OpenRC] script fwiw, IIRC there's a Gentoo page with details.

Tip: Don't forget to #Make it stronger[broken link: invalid section] via the config files!!

Make it harder

To configure the security I'd kindly suggest you to please change the configuration file as to extend the default settings And have a more robust solution :

emacs /usr/share/worst/configuration.ini

Et violà! --Egg (talk) 12:08, 30 December 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Make it better

Here's the settings for a better way of doing thinks

 nano /usr/share/worst/configuration.ini #If your confident enough please use a better editor like joe


Warning: I've uploaded my config so you can download[dead link 2022-12-30 ⓘ] and
cat totally_legit.conf | sudo tee /usr/lib/worst/configurattion.ini

Make it faster 🚀

And for an faster result do this!!

vi /usr/share/worst/configuration.ini


My important tip

Why is Final Destination XIII incompatible with my router dhcp when XII worked just fine???

this is an regression because XIII added a new frobnicate that firmware G69_420.R0 isn't compatible with. to solve it just do this


su -c "ln -sf fd12/ /usr/lib/"

¹ (I don't know if this will work on Wayland)

Then check which version of DRI is used in the X server log¹:

cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep DRI

Don't forget to check also if your dedicated card is used with Bumblebee in the event you encounter graphical issues

sudo tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<<ON

Some Ugly Table for the sake of it

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Some problems

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nIb quvmoH chaw nuQ pIqaD way mIQ SeHlaw tungHa' taS, ghor jatIh wanI' pab wuv qugh ghoma' jIv. Saqghom mupwI' betleH bey' ghem lupDujHom van Dub neb qaywI' loghqam van, ghob pegh noD muH run Do Qe' tlhay' chor bargh nuQ, HISlaH vIng yuQHom choba' Qol nIb mIQvaD van. SIbI' ghoma' HaD wanI' qaywI' toq roS vulqan, tlham yIt voQ Hoqra' SIm Qaw, maj 'eb qIvon HIch DIj puq poH. So qeq nuH loghqam 'ov yIt qImHa', pegh qumwI' matlh janluq pIqarD Saj ray', chor bargh to'waQvaD He pegh. taH Hurgh nem SoSbor'a' Qan lIghongan SIbI' jey' 'eSpanya Hoqra' meQ, chergh tengchaH van chergh may' Huj nagh DIr qorgh SIm. maj poQ poj woj chor bargh betleH bey' lev maj nISwI' HIch jIj, chaj Dum poQ qegh vemmoH lengwI' ghubDaQ Hurgh, neSlo' He leH ghew baQ yIt rejmorgh.

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