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Hello, I'm rberaldo. You can find out more about me on my personal page.


My aim for now is to translate the basic ArchWiki pages into Brazilian Portuguese. Some pages have already been translated in the past, but I feel they're too out of date. Although having a fundamental knowledge of English is regarded as paramount in the Linux and Free Software world, not all people speak it, specially in Brazil.

By translating some of the pages, I believe more people will be able to install and configure Arch Linux. In fact, I started doing that because my little brother wants to install it in his computer and, even though I could do all the work for him, I prefer to provide him with the tools for doing it himself, and thus enabling him to learn much more about GNU/Linux.

Pages I've been working on

Here are the main pages I am translating or have translated or contributed with:

Please, add any translation requests or suggestions below, or e-mail me at rberaldo at cabaladada dot org.