Dell Inspiron 3521

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Notes: Only general information left here. (Discuss in Talk:Dell Inspiron 3521#)

The Dell Inspiron 3521 is a Dell laptop made in 2012 and comes with UEFI and Windows 8 by default. This guide will tell you how to configure the Dell Inspiron 3521 to run Arch Linux quite well. We will cover: Turning on Legacy BIOS mode, controlling the Fans, and controlling CPU temperatures.

Turn on Legacy BIOS

You can turn on the Legacy BIOS boot mode in the BIOS menu. Press f2 on startup to access the setup. Set secure boot to off and set boot list order to legacy. This will allow you to load other Operating Systems from the BIOS. (You can also use UEFI mode, but secure boot needs to be off, and the Operating System you want (Arch in this case) needs to support UEFI).

Controlling Fans

See Fan speed control.