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Project Information

Project Description Languages Developer Links
Pyalpm alpm Python bindings Python, C Jelle GitHub
Pacman Package Manager Bash, C Allan, agregory cgit, bugs IRC #archlinux-pacman
pacman-contrib Contribution scripts to pacman Bash, C Demize, Polyzen GitHub
Arch Security Tracker Python anthraxx, IRC #archlinux-security
Archweb The website Python (Django) jelle, GitHub, bugs
AURWeb The page and system for the AUR website PHP, Python, HTML, MySQL Lukas, Demize, Eschwartz, cgit, bugs, IRC #archlinux-aurweb
Infrastructure Maintains the infrastructure to Arch Linux Ansible, Python Bluewind, Grazzolini and more cgit, IRC #archlinux-devops kanboard
Reproducible builds General project to achieve reproducible builds Bash, PKGBUILDs Anthraxx, Jelle, Foxboron, Eschwartz, Sangy, Debian wiki, IRC #archlinux-reproducible
devtools Packaging tools for developers and packagers Bash Allan, Pierre, Dreisner, Foutrelis, Svenstaro, Heftig, Barthalion, Seblu, Anthraxx cgit, bugs
dbscripts Scripts to release and manage packages into the repositories Bash Pierres, Eschwartz GitHub
Vagrant & Docker images Bash Shibumi, Pierre arch-boxes GH, archlinux-docker GH