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zathura is a highly customizable document viewer with vi-styled keybindings. It provides a minimalistic and space-saving interface. Users interact with zathura primarily with the keyboard. Different file formats are supported through plugins. Support is available for PDF, PS, DjVu and comic book files.


Install the zathura package along with the desired optional dependencies:


zathura automatically reloads documents. When working in compiled documents such as those written in LaTeX, zathura will refresh the output whenever compilation takes place. zathura has the option of enabling inverse search (using "synctex").

zathura can adjust the document to page-fit (a) or to fit width (s), and it can rotate pages (r). It can view pages side-by-side (d) and has a fullscreen mode. Pages can also be recolored to have a black background and white foreground (C-r). Most of vi's movement/scrolling commands are supported.

Links can be followed by clicking them. Additionally, one can press f to highlight all links on the page and assign them a number, typing the number of the link and pressing enter will then jump to the link's location. If F is used, only the location of the link will be shown in the status bar.

zathura can search for text and copy text to the primary X selection. It supports bookmarks and can open encrypted files.

The behavior and appearance of zathura can be customised using a configuration file. zathura has the ability to execute external shell commands. It can be opened in tabs using tabbed.

zathura provides an optional sandbox mode by using seccomp filter to provide a hardened runtime environment.

Useful tips

Commands may be entered directly into zathura by pressing :, just like in vi.

Enable copy to clipboard

set selection-clipboard clipboard

Side-by-side mode

Press d to toggle side-by-side mode.

In side-by-side mode, to view the first page on the left side, enter the command set first-page-column 1:1 into zathura. This is particularly useful for reading music scans where typesetting optimizes page-turning on certain pages. Like other zathura commands, this can go in zathurarc as well.

Titlebar and statusbar tweaks

See zathurarc(5).

Tabbed zathura

You can open zathura in tabs using tabbed.

tabbed -c zathura -e

Enable Sandbox

zathura has a sandbox mode that provides a secure environment by using a strict seccomp filter. The mode can be set in zathurarc like this:

set sandbox strict

Some features are disabled when using strict sandbox mode, such as writing files, printing and bookmarks

Make zathura the default pdf viewer

Ensures, for example, that xdg-open(1) will open pdf files with zathura.

First, ensure a desktop entry for zathura exists at /usr/share/applications/zathura.desktop. If it does not, download the desktop entry from from the zathura repo to /usr/share/applications/zathrua.desktop.

Then, set zathura as default using xdg-mime(1)

$ xdg-mime default zathura.desktop application/pdf

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