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Collectd is a daemon for collecting, storing and exporting system and application performance metrics periodically. It has many built-in plugins from which it can gather metrics.

It can export to various formats and can send notifications/emails at certain thresholds.


A collectdAUR package can be installed from the AUR. This package is configured to build with many common plugins.


The default configuration can be found at /etc/collectd.conf.

A plugin can be enabled with LoadPlugin.

For instance to enable the mysql plugin just uncomment:

#LoadPlugin mysql

For more info see collect.conf(5).

Warning: LoadPlugin lines in the default config starting with ## are for plugins which are not built. They can not be enabled.

Creating Graphs

Collectd has no built-in frontend. It does support many output formats and many front-ends are built specifically with collectd in mind.

See this list of front-ends.

Collectd's collected data can be found in /var/lib/collectd/<hostname>.

Contrib scripts

Collectd also has a contrib folder in its repository. This contains various contributed scripts. Many of these are meant for use with cgi.

For instance install and run to generate an html webpage with a graph for each collected metric.


The default output format of collectd is rrd. This data can be graphed using rrdtool.

To graph the last hour of memory usage:

rrdtool graph output.png \
                --start end-1h \
                --end now \
                --title "Memory Usage - Last Hour" \
                --width 600 \
                --height 200 \
                DEF:avg=/var/lib/collectd/localhost/memory/memory-used.rrd:value:AVERAGE \
                LINE1:avg#FF0000:"Memory Used"

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