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Bazaar is a dormant version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others. It is succeeded by Breezy (breezy), which also support Bazaar file formats and network protocols.


Install the bzrAUR package.


See bzr(1).

Setting up Bazaar server with xinetd

Add a bzr-usr user if needed.

Create a repository:

$ bzr init /home/bzr/repo.bzr
$ chown -R bzr_usr /home/bzr/repo.bzr

Add configuration for xinetd:

service bzr
	flags			= REUSE
	socket_type		= stream
	wait			= no
	user			= bzr_usr
	server			= /usr/bin/bzr
	server_args		= serve --inet --directory=/home/bzr/repo.bzr
	env			= HOME=/home/bzr
	log_on_failure		+= USERID
	disable			= no
	cps			= 50 10
	instances		= 60