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Bazaar is a version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others.


Install the bzrAUR package. For the development version, install the bzr-bzrAUR package. The Bazaar Explorer is provided by the bzr-explorerAUR package.


See bzr(1).

Setting up Bazaar server with xinetd

Add a bzr-usr user if needed.

Create a repository:

$ bzr init /home/bzr/repo.bzr
$ chown -R bzr_usr /home/bzr/repo.bzr

Add configuration for xinetd:

service bzr
	flags			= REUSE
	socket_type		= stream
	wait			= no
	user			= bzr_usr
	server			= /usr/bin/bzr
	server_args		= serve --inet --directory=/home/bzr/repo.bzr
	env			= HOME=/home/bzr
	log_on_failure		+= USERID
	disable			= no
	cps			= 50 10
	instances		= 60