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cool-retro-term is a good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display.


Install the cool-retro-term package or cool-retro-term-gitAUR for the development version.


Key remapping

There are no gui or config file to change key mapping actions like copy/paste.

The /app/qml/main.qml contains key bindings for the terminal. So all you have to do is to bind your keys there and build the package.

The current master builds, but fails on cool-retro-terminal start with Cannot assign to non-existent property "blinkingCursor" message, see github issue. So the extra checkout step will be required.

The following code assume that you have PKGBUILD in current directory.

git clone src/cool-retro-term
cd src/cool-retro-term && git checkout a736cfd5485ed0f0999da07fee72e3642dd87ff7 && cd ../..

# edit src/cool-retro-term/app/qml/main.qml

cd src/cool-retro-term && sed -i '/qmltermwidget/d' && cd ../..
cd src/cool-retro-term && qmake && make && cd ../..
cd src/cool-retro-term && make INSTALL_ROOT="$PWD/../../pkg/cool-retro-term-git/" install && cd ../..
makepkg -Ri