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multiple disks note about multiple cryptdevices

Note: The mkinitcpio encrypt hook is limited to one cryptdevice; the initrd itself has no such limitation. Several methods have been conceived for decrypting multiple LUKS devices within the initramfs system, and it is possible to boot from a VG which spans multiple encrypted volumes.

Hi, I reversed the addition of the note above for two reasons: (1) The note is contractitionary to the following paragraphs. It would have been better to edit those (I exchanged "initrd" by "encrypt" hook, this should cover the basic meaning above? Please comment.) (2) The note does not give any explanation of how it can be achieved (i.e. the "several methods" mentioned remain totally unclear). If it is meant to modify standard Arch packages, this should be stated! Hence, the note is confusing for the reader of the how-to in my view. That an initrd can handle multiple luks devices is clear, e.g. fedora's anaconda does this for ages, but standard Arch hooks imo don't allow it at current (that is why crypttab is used in this howto). No doubt it may be nice to detail such methods for Arch, but they should not be confused with the standard procedure which is described in that short section Encrypted_LVM#Spanned.2FMultiple_Disks. It might be added in a "tweak" section of this page (best place imo) or be added somewhere else, e.g. LUKS#Specialties. If unhappy with the reversal, please comment or add it again with enough context of the method to go from using vanilla packages. --Indigo (talk) 21:22, 13 August 2013 (UTC)