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Began geeking on Slackware Linux towards the late 90s. Switched to Arch Linux towards the end of 2006. Overall, besides being an Arch enthusiast he is a big supporter of privacy and communication tech.



  • OpenVPN Playbook can help automate the installation, configuration, hardening, PKI/CA with random generated passphrase + server cert/key and network tasks such as port/traffic forwarding. LDAP auth is supported by default making it possible to not only authenticate to a directory but optionally grant VPN access by LDAP groups.
  • Mailstack Playbook can help automate provisioning a virtual LDAP mail environment across multiple Arch hosts.
  • LDAP Playbook can help automate provisioning new LDAP Mail users and Mail distribution groups.

Arch Mail

To request a account visit the request page or post to the thread (preferred).


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