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"I have not had any problems with anything on Arch, and their wiki is by far the best resource out there that I have ever seen." — Greg Kroah-Hartman

"Is it just me, or have search results become absolute garbage for basically every site? It's nearly impossible to discover useful information these days (outside the ArchWiki)." — Edward Snowden

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  1. I'd prefer to be reached on IRC: Erus_Iluvatar at EpiKnet, Libera and OFTC. Come chat with me in the french IRC channel or the wiki IRC channel for example!
  2. You can also use the talk page which might be a good idea to use if you wish to document the communication.
  3. You can also send me a mail but replies may be slow.


English, French (native), some remnants of German, Italian and Russian.



Things I do in the ArchWiki

Pages I maintain



OS Period
TI BASIC & TI LOGO with a TI-99/4A ~1996
Mac OS 8-9 ~1997 - ~2002
Mac OS X ~2002 - June 2007
Debian July 2007 - June 2008
Gentoo, LFS July 2008 - August 2008
Arch September 2008 - Mid-2013
Windows 7 Mid-2013 - January 2016
Arch & Windows 10 February 2016 - January 2018
Arch February 2018 - Present
Main owned Hardware Period
Toshiba X300-14K July 2008 - January 2016
Custom :
i5 6600K @ 4Ghz
16GiB DDR4 @ 2400MT/s
ASRock Z170M Extreme4
KFA2 GeForce GTX 970
February 2016 - December 2020
Custom :
i5 6600K @ 4Ghz
16GiB DDR4 @ 2400MT/s
ASRock Z170M Extreme4
January 2021 - Present
Dell Latitude 3540 January 2021 - Present