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User profile template shamelessly stolen from NetSysFire (and DerpishCat).

Role: ArchWiki Maintainer
Languages: English, Bash, Python, and R (as well as a little bit of simplified Chinese)
Timezone: America/Toronto
IRC: flyingpig or f1yingpig at GIMPNet and Libera Chat

Pages I (try to) maintain

I pay special attention to the following pages:


Personal style conventions

Blank lines around list items

The point in Help:Style/White space#Generic rules regarding "list items" and "blank lines" does not always apply. The wiki parser will always start a new list in cases where indentation follows an item (e.g., multiple instances of Template:App, code block after a bulleted list). Blank lines should not be removed to "comply" with style guidelines in these cases since doing so will decrease the readability of the wikitext while leaving the wiki parser output unaffected.

This is very applicable to List of applications, which has numerous instances of Template:App.

Edit summaries for lead sections

Linking to a section in an edit summary is both descriptive and functional. Although prefaces/introductions (aka lead sections) lack section headings, /* top */ can be used in edit summaries for such sections, similarly to how Wikipedia:MediaWiki:Gadget-edittop.js prefixes edit summaries.

External links

The usage of "this" in/around labels for external links can look ugly. Reword the sentence instead to avoid the use of "this" or resort to auto-numbered links (or auto-linked URLs if the URL is short enough). Using the title of the external link (as you would with wiki articles) may also be an option.

Good examples
Bad examples

Quotation marks in English

Logical punctuation is preferred over American style.

Quick bookmarks