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This page describes troubleshooting and configuration specific to the Asus A6km laptop.

On this model, a known buggy BIOS problem results in a system hang when any USB device, such as a mouse, is attached at bootup. This can be fixed using a downgraded BIOS version (can be downloaded here). The installation described uses this 202 BIOS version and so far no problems have been encountered, even the power management modules behave properly.

See the Installation guide for installation instructions.


For wireless, can use the b43-fwcutter package to install the firmware, (run lsmod command to check if the b43 module is running):

# b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware /path_to_driver

the driver can be found here


The sound card [SiS AC'97] was detected on installation and the correct modules for audio loaded at bootup.

See ALSA for installation/configuration details.


See Touchpad Synaptics.


The webcam was detected on installation and the modules loaded at bootup.

Linux video capture interface: v2.00
stkwebcam: Syntek USB2.0 Camera is now controlling video device /dev/video0

The cheese webcam package worked well with the installed drivers. Cheese is installed with gnome group.


Not tested so far


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First make sure the device is enabled in the BIOS, then once booted up, start the daemon:

# /etc/rc.d/irda start

One way to test the device is to install the irda-utilsAUR utilities and run the command:

# irdadump

the output should look something like this when working:

13:13:59.173537 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=0 (14) 
13:13:59.263432 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=1 (14) 
13:13:59.353394 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=2 (14) 
13:13:59.443431 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=3 (14) 
13:13:59.533395 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=4 (14) 
13:13:59.626729 xid:rsp 851b3728 < 26098ceb S=6 s=4 Sony Ericss hint=9124 [ PnP Modem IrCOMM  IrOBEX ] (28) 
13:13:59.633430 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=5 (14) 
13:13:59.723433 xid:cmd 851b3728 > ffffffff S=6 s=* asus-archlinux-64 hint=0400 [ Computer ] (33) 

The 'Sony Ericss' entry is a nearby (direct line of sight) mobile phone with infra-red enabled.

There should also be an irda0 entry when running the ip a command as the root user.

Card Reader

Not tested so far

Tv Out

Not tested.

Other Software/Utilities

Power Management

For cpu scaling, see CPU frequency scaling.

Suspend to RAM/Disk

For suspend-to-ram, follow the instructions in the Suspend to RAM page.