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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
GPU (Intel) 8086:0416 Yes
GPU (Nvidia) 10de:139a Yes
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Yes
Audio Yes
Touchpad Yes
Camera Yes
Card Reader Yes
Bluetooth Yes

This article covers hardware specific configuration for ASUS N550JX laptop.


Laptop comes with two GPUs (integrated Intel and dedicated NVIDIA). NVIDIA Optimus technology can be implemented and controlled using Bumblebee software.


External sub-woofer works after configuration as follows:

options snd-hda-intel patch=n550jx-lfe-fix,n550jx-lfe-fix
0x10ec0668 0x104313df 0

0x1a 0x00106111

You can install these from asus-n550jx-subwoofer-fixAUR

A kernel bug is filled for this patch to be included in ALSA future releases.


In order to make all keyboard function keys (Fn+F1 to Fn+F12) generate correct signals - add kernel parameter acpi_osi= to your bootloader.