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翻譯狀態:本文章是 ArchWiki_Translation_Team 的翻譯版本。最近一次的翻譯時間:2018-08-26。點擊本連結查看英文頁面之後的變更。


註記: Translating... (討論)


  1. 如果你不知道怎麽編輯 Wiki 頁面,請閱讀 Help:Editing
  2. 請閱讀 Help:i18n, 其包含 ArchWiki 國際化與本地化的全面指南。
  3. 登入 以允許編輯 Wiki。
  4. 選擇要翻譯的頁面。您可以使用 隨機頁面功能 挑選。讓我們選擇這個頁面範例:ArchWiki Translation Team
  5. 在頁面上方,點選橫槓中的 編輯 標籤。
  6. 建立你打算建立文章語言的 語言中繼連結
  7. 複製整個頁面的原始碼。
  8. 以新的語言中繼連結儲存頁面。
  9. Visit the interlanguage link you have just created which will lead you to ArchWiki Translation Team (Language), where "Language" is the language name associated with the translation you are about to create.
  10. Since the new page does not exist, create it by clicking on Create in the horizontal menu.
  11. You will be shown a simple text editor. Paste here the source code of the page you copied earlier.
  12. Localize the Category links. For example, change [[Category:ArchWiki]] to [[Category:ArchWiki (Language)]]. See Help:Category for more information.
  13. Change the interlanguage link that you created earlier to point to the article from which you are translating.
  14. Translate the copied page text and save everything, also adding a proper edit summary such as translate [[ArchWiki Translation Team]].
  15. At the bottom of the translated page, there is a list of categories the page is included in. Check that all these categories exist, i.e. the links should not be red. Otherwise create all missing categories following the red links - categories are created the same way as regular pages.
  16. (optional) Create another page, e.g. Translated title of ArchWiki Translation Team, whose title will be a localized version of ArchWiki Translation Team (Language). Enter #redirect [[ArchWiki_Translation_Team_(Language)]] as its only content and save it.


以下表格列出的 範本 應該已經翻譯完成。

英文範本 正體中文範本
Template:Related articles start Template:Related articles start (正體中文)
Template:Tip Template:提示
Template:Note Template:註記
Template:Warning Template:警告
Template:Dead link
Template:Broken package link
Template:Bad translation
Template:Translateme Template:Translateme (正體中文)
Template:TranslationStatus Template:翻譯狀態
Template:Cat main