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Reason: Instructions lack clarity (Discuss in ArchWiki talk:Translation Team)
Note: Disambiguation pages should not be translated.

Create a new page and its translation

  1. If you do not know how to edit wiki pages, read Help:Editing.
  2. Read Help:i18n, which contains comprehensive guidelines for ArchWiki internationalization and localization.
  3. Login to be able to edit the wiki.
  4. Choose a page to translate. You can use the random page function Let us take this very page as an example: ArchWiki Translation Team.
  5. At the top of the page, click the Edit tab in the horizontal menu.
  6. Add an interlanguage link for the language you are going to create.
  7. Copy the entire page's source code.
  8. Preview the page with the new interlanguage link.
  9. Visit the interlanguage link you have just created which will lead you to ArchWiki Translation Team (Language) (open new tab, do not close preview page), where "Language" is the language name associated with the translation you are about to create.
  10. Since the new page does not exist, create it by clicking on Create in the horizontal menu.
  11. You will be shown a simple text editor. Paste here the source code of the page you copied earlier.
  12. Localize the Category links. For example, change [[Category:ArchWiki]] to [[Category:ArchWiki (Language)]]. See Help:Category for more information.
  13. Change the interlanguage link that you created earlier to point to the article from which you are translating.
  14. Translate the copied page text and save everything, also adding a proper edit summary such as translate [[ArchWiki Translation Team]].
  15. At the bottom of the translated page, there is a list of categories the page is included in. Check that all these categories exist, i.e. the links should not be red. Otherwise create all missing categories following the red links - categories are created the same way as regular pages.
  16. Return to the preview page and save the page.
  17. (optional) Add Template:TranslationStatus to the translated page. For usage, see Template:TranslationStatus#Usage.
  18. (optional) Create another page, e.g. Translated title of ArchWiki Translation Team, whose title will be a localized version of ArchWiki Translation Team (Language). Enter #redirect [[ArchWiki Translation Team (Language)]] as its only content and save it.

Templates that can be translated

The following table lists all templates that may be translated. Translations of this section should add a column to the table linking their translated templates in their preferred usage form (possibly using Template redirects).

English template
Article templates
Template:Related articles start
Template:Dead link
Template:Broken package link
Template:Broken section link
Translation status templates
Template:Bad translation
Navigation templates
Template:Laptops table header
Template:Laptops navigation
Template:List of applications navigation
Template:Package guidelines
Special templates
Template:Cat main
Template:META Error
Template:META Unexplained Status Template
Template:Committed identity

Templates that should be omitted from translations

When page or section is flagged with Template:Accuracy, Template:Style, Template:Archive, Template:Remove or Template:Out of date — do not translate pages/sections in question until offending issues have been fixed and template removed.

If you see Template:Expansion, Template:Merge, Template:Move or Template:Redirect you can safely translate the page, but do not copy these templates over to the translated article.

If you see Template:Broken package link, Template:Broken section link or Template:Dead link, do not copy those templates over to the translated article. Either fix them in original text, then copy and/or translate fixed links, or omit whole sentence or section concerning them when translating.

Page list

List here articles that only exist in non-English languages, or that exist in English but are either not fully translated, or are in a worse state than the non-English version. Keep alphabetical order.

Page Language Notes
Apache OpenMeetings (Русский) Russian
Borg backup (Français) French
Fcitx5 (简体中文) Chinese (Simplified) Not fully translated into English.
Huawei E3276 4G modem (Русский) Russian Unmantained and not updated since creation in 2014.
Internet key Momo Design (Italiano) Italian Not updated since creation in 2009‎.
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530 (Русский) Russian
Localization (Slovenčina) Slovak
Localization (正體中文)/Traditional Chinese (正體中文) Chinese (Traditional)
Power management (简体中文)/Suspend and hibernate (简体中文) Chinese (Simplified) Not fully translated into English.
Touhou (简体中文) Chinese (Simplified) The English version is outdated for quite a bit (after these edits).