Lenovo IdeaPad 5 14iil05

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The IdeaPad 5 14iil05 is a 14-inch Lenovo laptop with Intel's 10th generation processor.

Hardware Support


BIOS can be accessed by pressing F2 at the Splash screen. For a way to update the BIOS without Windows, see Flashing BIOS from Linux.


X works natively with a current linux and xf86-video-amdgpu.


Sound works with PulseAudio in linux out of the box.


The internal microphone is properly recognized and working for linux >=5.8rc3 as long as the snd-acp3x-rn kernel module is loaded.


Wifi should work out of the box. Bluetooth also works with the btusb module, and remote audio playback with A2DP works through pulseaudio-bluetooth (see Bluetooth headset on setting it up).


The touchpad works as expected starting from linux >= 5.8rc3 as long as Load system defaults is disabled in BIOS.

For older kernels, bios needs to have Load system defaults disabled. If touchpad works after boot and stops after going out of suspend, it will work again as long as you turn it off by adding keyboard shortcut to turn on/off touchpad. It is random whether it will work after suspend or not. If touchpad does not work after boot, you must reboot. Sometimes cold start is nessesarry.


Brightness works as expected.

Battery conservation mode

Battery conservation mode can be enabled by installing ideapad-cmAUR.


Battery conservation mode and Rapid Charge mode can be turned on from Windows using Lenovo Vantage program. It will stay turned on after booting linux.