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Reason: How to use, (if required) needed Arch Linux steps, how to exchange certificates? (Discuss in Talk:RetroShare#)

RetroShare – A free software, cross-platform Friend-to-Friend application that offers secure chat and file sharing features.


RetroShare is available in AUR as retroshareAUR and retroshare-gitAUR.

Retroshare over Tor via hidden service

1. Install tor, enable and start it via systemctl. Then check it is working correctly ("Bootstrapped 100%: Done"):

$ journalctl -f -u tor

2. Edit /etc/tor/torrc according to the Retroshare-Tor generic *nix manual

3. Create the dir for the hidden service according to the manual

4. Restart tor with systemctl.

5. Find your onion.address according to the manual

6. Start Retroshare and follow the Retroshare-Tor Setup

Migrating existing profile to Retroshare-Tor

There is currently no way to migrate an existing non-tor-hidden-identity to Retroshare-Tor. If you already created a user before installing tor you can clean the dot-directory of retroshare with

$ rm ~/.retroshare


First, you have to create new profile. Then you need to explicitly add friends to be able to connect to them. In order to connect to your friends you need to exchange your certificates.

No friends to add?

Warning: It is stongly recommended to use Retroshare-Tor for privacy reasons when connecting to people you don't know and trust IRL.

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